The Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me!

”Not another person jumping on the blogging bandwagon” I hear you say!

I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for a while, this was recently spurred on by friends enjoying my Instagram stories on a recent holiday to Thailand.

Social media is full of perfection. Perfectly staged and filtered aspirational photographs and stories which the majority of us cannot aspire to be, and actually just leaves some of us feeling pretty shit about life, especially when it’s from and aimed at young perky boobed fertile women with their perfect kids, immaculate wardrobes, who somehow manage to totter around on 4 inch Louboutins all day.

What about us women who don’t feel like a mum anymore? The woman that need Spanx to be able face a night out? The woman who would need to have a toe amputated to wear such shoes? What about the woman who’s ovaries are groaning after 30+ years of service?

This blog is for you girls! 🙌

Suzanne x

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Hi! I’m Suzanne, I’m a 44 year old Nurse from South Wales. My kids have flown the nest, It’s just me, my Husband of 20 years and the dog. So basically middle age has crept up on me! I’ve decided to blog about everything and anything that I feel is worthy of a discussion! Expect, fashion, sex , cosmetic surgery, relationships, beauty, families and drunken nights out with girlfriends...Think Real Housewives without the money and the Birkin bags! Please follow me and join me on this journey . 😊

4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

  1. Yes Sue, this is going to be an awesome read. I can only dream of those slim strappy heels now 🤷‍♀️ Keep it coming 😘

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